I finished the 16 Cable Hat for my son’s advisor:


(The picture sucks — sorry!)  I used Cascade 220 Superwash.  It came out a tad small but I was able to block it.

I am almost done with my Hedgerow socks (using the yarn from the October shipment of the Cookie A sock club):


For a simple pattern, these have taken me an inordinate amount of time!  I am eager to be done with them.

I’ve finished crocheting and blocking my hexagons and am now seaming them:


I’m happy with the choice of light brown to seam them.  Hopefully they’ll nicely outline the hexagon shape.  I’m eager (!) to be done with these long-term projects so I can move on to some others that have been catching my eye.  Speaking of being done, I have 60 minutes to go in the 49-hour audiobook of Gone With The Wind.  I have loved every minute of it.  I was daunted by the incredible length of the audio version but it’s really a riveting story.  I’m amazed at how it’s kept my attention.

What are you eager to be done with?