I’m working (and working and working) away on my Rayures cowl from this kit, which I first saw at the Interweave Knitting Lab marketplace but purchased a few months later. The more I work on this project, the more I’m convinced the kit sample I saw featured slightly different colors.  In any event, here’s where I’m at:


I started off using size 2 needles and after doing almost an entire stripe series, I realized that even though I am a loose knitter and usually need to go down several needle sizes, the fabric just wasn’t quite right.  So I started over using size 4 needles.  Following the pattern, I’d end up using only half of each ball of yarn, as seen here (unused vs. used):


So I may decide to do a whole second series of stripes.  This is taking a realllllllllyyyyy long time and is realllllyyyyyyy tedious.  But I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this cowl and I also know that I’m better off using up the yarn with this pattern rather than trying to find a use for the significant leftovers.  It’s soooooo boring and tedious that I’m forcing myself to be monogamous with this project — otherwise I’d be tempted to ditch it altogether.

Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping up with the 365 Project.  You can see my photos on Instagram here.