I can’t tell you how close I came to bailing on Stitches this year.  We returned from Tahoe (a 4+ hour drive) late last night and I wasn’t sure I wanted to get up and drive an hour to the Santa Clara Convention Center.  I’d recently gotten some new yarn (more on that in a later post) so I didn’t really need anything.  Plus, I’d have to miss my daughter perform in the Purim play at Sunday School.  But I rallied and I am SO GLAD I did!  It was the best Stitches EVER.  I bought a few great things (more on that in a later post too) but the best part was the PEOPLE.  First, I saw Alana of Never Not Knitting, whose genius Oak Trail hat I’m about to finish and whose Entangled Vines Cardigan is next in my queue.  I’ve knit a million of Alana’s patterns and I even did a “knitting story” on her podcast.  I’ve met her before but it was great to see her again.

Then I saw Jasmin and Gigi, the Knitmore Girls.  (I even saw baby Genevieve!)  They are SO WARM and friendly (big huggers — love that) and I seriously want to dye my hair pink or crayon red now.  (Seriously. I’m not kidding.)  Love them.  (Can you tell?  Don’t I look like a stalker who is about to drag GiGi home with me?!)


Then I finally, finally, finally got to meet Barb and Tracie, the 2KnitLitChicks.  I’ve been listening to them since day one and they were so kind to review my book on their podcast. They were also kind enough to set aside some time after their Sunday morning class just to meet me.  (Me, people, me!!!)  Looking back, I have no idea what I said because I was just so freakin’ giddy to finally meet them.  They are the BEST — so fun and, like Jasmin and Gigi, warm!  They don’t know it  yet but I’m adopting them — Tracie is now my new sister and Barb is my second mom.  As part of our new family bonding I’m planning to drag them to San Francisco so I can treat them to a personal tour of Imagiknit and tea across the street.  Hopefully by then I won’t be so overcome with excitement and will be able to carry on a normal conversation.  I wish the photo was better but here we are (can you see how goofy excited I am?!):


I spent the bulk of my time at the market with my friend Sarah, whom I taught to knit several years ago and who swiftly surpassed me in ability.


I have more to share (a finished quilt, an FO [which you can see in the photos above], newly queued projects, etc.) but I just had the best time this morning and couldn’t wait to post these photos!