I finished my Entangled Vines Cardigan.  I like it very much.  For once, I knit the right size (though if I got 1/4″ bigger all around, that would probably be ideal).


I used Cascade 220 and sizes 5 & 6 needles.  I knit the third smallest size.  Part way into it, I realized the color was nearly identical to my Diminishing Ribs Cardigan.  It is, in fact, so similar that when I was sewing on the buttons (man, I hate sewing buttons, by the way) my husband asked if I was fixing something on that sweater, not realizing that it was an entirely new, different sweater.  Oh well.  I guess that’s why the yarn color appealed to me.  (More photos on my Ravelry page.)

Speaking of old sweaters, I decided to donate this one and this one.  I never wore them and the yellow one was just way too big.  I felt kind of bad about leaving all my hard work in bags on the sidewalk for donation pickup.  It just seemed so dismissive of my time and money (in yarn).  I fretted about it as I went out to walk my dogs that morning.  Interestingly, though, by the time I returned from my walk, someone had pawed through the bags (as always happens whenever you leave stuff on the sidewalk in the big city).  I peered inside and the ONLY two things missing — amidst old clothes, toys, household goods — were my two hand knit sweaters!  In a weird way, it made me feel better about getting rid of them — obviously SOMEONE liked them.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for purple and yellow sweaters on the neighborhood’s homeless people.

Onward — to socks!  This is the yarn from the last shipment of last year’s Cookie A sock club.  As I mentioned, I’m making my version of the Thuja socks (ignore the white lifelines in the photo).  So far it’s quite enjoyable!