I went on a Teeny Tiny Mochimochi binge!  I’ve seen these over the years but didn’t quite “get” them — until I saw a friend’s mini sushi and other teeny tinys.  They were just so…goofy and fun.  I decided to make a bunch to hide in my kids’ duffle bags when they go to sleepaway camp.  I also knit little pouches to put them in.  (My son’s pouch is in 49’er colors!)


In that batch, there is a cupcake, a bunny, a fish, a chicken and a dinosaur.

In that batch, there’s a squirrel, a football, another bunny (which may be cut off in this shot), a rat and my personal favorite, a bat.

I used size one needles and lots of little scraps.  The only one I modified was the cupcake — the pattern has you do this weird seaming thing that I knew was going to turn out horrible so I just picked up stitches for the frosting and continued on.  It worked great.

Oh, and tomorrow is my four-year blogaversary!