This week, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joan from Wool Free and Lovin’ Knit, someone I’ve “known” for many years through the knitting blog world but finally got to meet in real life.  We met at Imagiknit, our local yarn store.  I say “our” because Joan moved to San Francisco from the East Coast awhile back.  Here we are in Imagiknit’s enormous room devoted entirely to non-wool yarns.  It’s tailor made for Joan because, as you might guess from her blog name, she’s got a big-time wool allergy:


Joan is wearing her gorgeous Sothia shawl, one of the many beautiful wool-free knits she’s made.  I especially love her impeccably made toys and I copied these booties after seeing her version.  When we met, Joan (a budding designer like me) told me that Craftsy has a great program for selling patterns so I went right home and uploaded a few of mine. I also did a little shopping while we were together — I bought some Cascade 220 for the design project I’ve been noodling about for months and months.  It’s a collection (!) of hats.  I’ll be making them for the next couple of weeks until my friend Sarah is ready to start our personal KAL of the Grown-Up Hoodie, a pattern we both bought at Stitches this year.  She’s waiting for her yarn to arrive.  The design collection has a fall theme so my goal is to have it finished by mid-August.