So while I’m working away on some hat designs, I thought I’d post an update on the socks from Cookie A’s 2012 sock club.  Ultimately, three socks have worn great and three were complete losers.  First, the winners:

Image 1


That’s April (grey), August (green) and December (blue) — also known as the Nanaimo, the Kai-Mei and the Thuja socks.  The all-time winner is the green Enchanted Knoll yarn. When I’m ready to spring for some more sock yarn, that’ll be what I buy.  It’s comfy and hard-wearing.  Assuming the blue Thuja socks continue to hold up (I knit those last so it’s too soon to tell), they will be a close second — very soft.  Now for the losers — and there are some true bummers here:



That’s February (red), June (turquoise) and October (brown) — also known as the Business Casual, Reykjavik and Hedgerow socks.  The red and turquoise ones felted within one or two washings.  And in case you can’t see the problem with the brown ones, here’s a closer look:

Image 2

Um, yeah.  No bueno.  And that happened on BOTH socks during the exact same washing!!!  It was BIZARRE.  And let me tell you, I am not hard on my socks.  I wear them around the house only and I wash them inside out, separately from other clothes, tucked safely in lingerie bags and in cold water — and they air dry.  Needless to say, this was a huge disappointment to have HALF of the socks from the club become unwearable so early in their lifespan.  (Actually, my 10-year-old happily wears them now but that was not the point when I signed up for the pricey club!)  That said, I truly enjoyed the club — I made many of the cookie recipes and it was fun awaiting the packages every two months.  And I used a couple of the patterns that came with the yarn.  Also, I did discover a couple of yarns that I wouldn’t have otherwise. So overall, I don’t regret it.  But I don’t plan to join a yarn club again.