I started my Grown-Up Hoodie.  I first saw this sweater — not just the pattern, but the sweater itself — at Stitches.  It’s the kind of pattern I would have quickly glossed over on Ravelry.  But for some reason, seeing it on a rack, I was inspired to try it on.  It was super cozy and very flattering.  It looked cute on my friend Sarah too.  We both bought the pattern and are now doing our own private KAL.  I confess to being more than a little concerned about my yarn choice: Valley Yarns Superwash.  It’s one of my all-time favorite yarns, but my gauge is way off.  When I tried it on at Stitches, the size 35″ fit me perfectly.  But given my gauge, I’m knitting the 39″.  I also made a couple of lame mistakes on the sleeves, including misreading directions, resulting in starting increases a little late — not a good move considering I’m already worried that it’s going to be too small.  So the sleeves are incredibly snug.  I’m just hoping I can block them out a bit.  If not, (I keep telling myself) I will just re-knit the sleeves.  After doing two little pre-pocket thingies, I started the body last night.  Fingers crossed – regular readers will know that I don’t always have the best luck with sweater fit…  (I do, however, love my Entangled Vines Cardigan and get tons of compliments on it.)



Meanwhile, I’m still puttering away on my little design collection and sputtering away on a quilt for my daughter.  (Man, there’s just no way around it — I am a terrible sewer!)