I’ve had a positive response so far to Elementary Hats.  It hasn’t received that much exposure on Ravelry yet.  If you have any occasion to spread the word, I’d be so grateful.  In the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy with this and that.  I’ve been working on my Grown-Up Hoodie, which for some reason is taking me EONS to complete.  I have no idea why.  Frankly, I’m pretty sick of the thing and, partly because of that and partly because I’m worried I’m running out of yarn, I’m going to eliminate the hood.  Several Ravelers have said that the hood is too short so actually wear anyway.  So I don’t think I’ll miss it.  I’m really hoping to be done with it soon.  In addition to working on that and putting together Elementary Hats, I knit a headband for my daughter using leftover sock yarn.  It was sort of the headband take on the Multidirectional Scarf.

Image 1

I also received a three-hat custom order on Etsy.  So that’s kept me busy as well.


I’ve also been making snails-pace progress on my latest quilt.  Hopefully I’ll have FO photos before too long.