So I acquired some super-hard-to-get Lollipop Yarn from a kind, destashing Raveler.  I knit this far, trying to ignore two mistakes that I made early on…



The mistakes aren’t visible in the photo but, believe me, they’re there (on the underside).  So I’m putting this away for a few days while I decide whether, since I only wear hand-knit socks around the house, it really matters all that much that there are mistakes.  At the same time, I spent mucho dinero on this yarn — I want to feel good about the socks they become.  So we’ll see.  In the meantime, I’m working up a quickie hat for my yoga teacher as a thank you for the amazing retreat she hosted this weekend.  Also, my kids’  school is having its very own campus yarn bombing in a few weeks and I’ll be knitting up some swatches for that.  In the meantime, what do you think — frog or keep this two-thirds-complete sock?  Also, forgive me for being a bit of a dolt, but is there a trick — other than cutting up your yarn — to keeping even stripes in self-striping yarn on the heel/gusset?