First off, I finished my quilt. I’m dubbing this my first non-hideous quilt. I love the colors and although it’s far from perfect, there are only a few truly egregious errors.

Image 2



I also finished a yarmulke for a very special boy whose bar mitzvah is just around the corner.

Image 1


Meanwhile, I also started the 365 Project. Just like the Giants have won the World Series in the last three even-numbered years, I tend to do this project in the odd-numbered years. I started in 2011 on Flicker and did it again in 2013 on Instagram (#gordon365, a hashtag I share with my sister). I’m back at it in 2015. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I’m always interested in who other people like to follow on that platform. If you follow someone great, let me know! Happy new year!