After seeing in person the super cute Infamous Hobo Bag made by Tracie of the 2KnitLitChicks, I was inspired to make my own. I used this example as inspiration. The pattern calls for DK weight but I liked the felted look of some of the Ravelry projects. In particular, I modeled mine after this and this, combining the suggested mods. Unfortunately, my bag came out rather wonky. I felted the S#&! out of it (using boiling hot water and the dryer multiple times) and it’s still just too big. Plus, the bowl part of the bag is not really deep enough — so it’s like a shallow bag with too-long straps. Oh well. I’ll still use it, but it definitely came out only so-so. I’m calling it the So-So Bag. Here it is before and after felting. It was SO BIG beforehand — I kept having to order more and more yarn. I should have know. Oh well.

Image 4 Image 3