So amidst all the excitement surrounding the release of my new novel, HEADS OR TAILS, I am still knitting! I’ve made several hats as thank-you and baby gifts but I’ve been lazy about documenting them. (Trust me when I say that the hat I made for my Spanish teacher in the colors of the Argentinian flag was really cute!) And I’ve been working away on my pullover. Despite what I wrote in a previous post, I did not end up frogging and re-doing it. The front neck wasn’t that wonky after all. But for some unknown reason, it has still taken me for-EVER to complete. I’m on the final sleeve.

Image 1

I should have FO photos in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I’m heading out on a long journey and decided to bring yarn for a new pair of socks. Because I dislike airline travel, I decided to treat myself to some of my favorite sock yarn for the trip.


Hopefully when I return I’ll have FO photos of both the pullover AND a completed pair of socks!

PS — If you’d like to test-drive my new novel, you can read the first three chapters here. If you do end up reading the book, I’d love your feedback!