I finished a sweater! This is the In Stillness pattern. Overall, I’m happy with it. It’s slightly baggy and the sleeves are a hair too long. But I’ll definitely get wear out of it. One other note: I put it outside to block in Lake Tahoe on a hot, sunny day and although it dried quickly, the front faded so it was a totally different shade than the back. And it lost that “hot pink” tone that I loved. (You can’t really tell from the photo above but it’s more of a peachy pink than a hot pink now.) At that point, the only thing I could do was turn it over and let the back fade as much as the front. I am relieved that I got them to match but I wish I’d thought to turn the sweater inside out before leaving it in the sun to block. Oh well — live and learn.

I also finished a hat to wear to Giants games. In San Francisco, you need to wear knits to the ballpark even in the summer (some people would say especially in the summer!).


I’m also deep into a pair of socks.



What’s on your needles?