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I finished the flannel quilt I’ve been working on.


As usual, it’s still pretty funky since I’m a self-taught quilter. But it’s definitely one of my better ones and it’s sooooooo warm and cozy. And last weekend I sold knit hats at my kids’ school craft fair — my 10th and final year.


Unlike other years, the hats didn’t sell well. I’m not sure why. But that means I’ve got lots of inventory on Etsy!


Although I haven’t posted in awhile, I promise I’ve been knitting. I was on a hat-knitting tear for the annual school craft fair:


And I’ve also been furiously knitting holiday gifts for school advisors, etc., including this pair of fingerless mitts:

Image 2

Meanwhile, I’m working away on 1) the Cabled Leaf Pullover (working on the final piece of this pieced sweater), 2) a big cabled throw (one panel completed) and 3) this sweater I’ve been coveting for ages (I bought the yarn — that counts as work, right?).

Forgive the crappy cell phone photo but here’s a shot of this weekend’s craft fair:


We had to share tables this year so it was pretty cramped but it went pretty well. I do have a few hats left over, which I’ve put up in my Etsy shop. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a supplemental shipment of yarn to finish a Hobo Bag I’ve been working on (shamelessly copying this version). I’ve also finally turned to that sweater yarn I purchased awhile back. I had planned to do the Pinup Queen sweater but I just wasn’t convinced it was the right match for me or the yarn. Plus, trying to figure out gauge in ribbing is tricky. So last night I started a short-sleeved version of this sweater, using this person’s version as my model. I don’t have the best luck with sweaters working out so wish me luck!

Today was this year’s craft fair.  Here’s my table:


It’s not a great photo (it’s pretty rotten, actually) but you get the idea.  Now that it’s over, I won’t be boring you with endless hat photos!  In other knitting news, I’m about to turn the heels of my Hedgerow socks.  And I’m in the home stretch of my crocheted hexagon blanket.  I’ve got a gift to knit (probably a hat — yikes, that’ll be another hat photo…) and then I am going to think seriously about knitting a sweater.  I want to put the recent lessons I’ve learned to good use!

I’m also considering doing the 365 Project again.  I was really (!) glad to be done with it at the end of 2011.  But if I did it again, I would commit to only using my iPhone, which might make it less burdensome.  I also really want to finish this doll quilt (I’m not sure why I stalled out so much on it — it mocks me every time I walk by it in the dining room!) so that I can get working on a real grown-up quilt.


Yesterday was the school craft fair I’ve been talking about forever.  I sold a few hats before I remembered to snap a photo of my table.  Here is a shot with most of my merchandise:

I used my phone so the shot isn’t great but you get the idea.  I brought 29 hats.  (I would have had 30 but a few days before one of my day-job editors bought the yellow/black/white one she saw here.)  I sold 21, which was great.  It’s always a mystery to me what will sell and what won’t and in any event it seems to change every year.  For example, this one below I received several compliments on via the blog and I was surprised it didn’t sell.  (My daughter claimed it for herself last night!)

When I returned home, I packaged several m0re of the remaining hats to send to Halos of Hope.

That leaves my already teeny Etsy shop pretty bare, but in a good way.  I’m excited to have moved out some older hats and to get inspired making new ones.  Speaking of being inspired, I’ve mentioned a few times a design idea that didn’t work as a hat but that I was attempting again as another accessory.  The good news is: it worked!  I’ll be knitting the mate (does that give you a hint as to what it is?), writing up the pattern and releasing it sometime in the next few weeks.

I sold hats — and patterns — at my kids’ school craft fair last weekend. 

It was pretty smooshed in there — I would have liked my display to look a bit different — but overall it was a great experience.  It was my fourth year.  Note to self:  next year, make more adult hats.  (Readers, remind me!)  🙂

Last weekend, I took my kids to the Renegade Craft Fair

It was fun!  I didn’t buy anything but saw a lot of great stuff.

One of my favorites: - actually my mom bought one of these for each of my kids.

Those are (mostly) blank journals made from old books.  He sneaks in a few of the original pages now and then — very clever.  There’s everything from children’s books to criminal law books to travel books — super cool.

I absolutely loved this booth:


Cute dog collars:

There wasn’t as much yarn/knitting-related stuff as I expected.  But I did see a few cool booths: Spincycle Yarns and rhinofluff.

Decorative tape


The school craft fair went great!  I became quite nervous when I sold nothing in the first 45 minutes!  It is true what they say about real estate: location, location, location.  My table was in an alcove of sorts and was often hidden by the crowd at table next to me: my friend’s extremely popular jewelry.  Plus, people forked out a lot of moolah for her gorgeous designs and then weren’t so hip about spending more at the very next table.  “What am I going to DO with all of these hats?” I panicked. 

Then, suddenly, I had a flurry of activity (I am sooooo glad I didn’t happen to be outside feeding my parking meter at that time!) as people remembered their upcoming trips to the snow and saw their kids’ cute faces framed by the hats.  (I quickly learned that “Try it on” is an excellent thing to say when you’re selling hats!)  As for pricing, I used a $14, $18, $22 price spread, which seemed reasonable.  In the end, I sold all but four hats (out of 21).

Then, that night, I completed another:

My mom modeling her birthday present

That’s my mom modeling the Beaumont Tam from Made in Brooklyn.  It’s her birthday present.  I used Lamb’s Pride Superwash Sport, a great yarn for the project aside from the fact that it is a bit splitty and I had to drop down to sizes 1 & 2 needles to get gauge.  Doing all that colorwork with those tiny needles hurt my hands.  But I like the result – a lot.

The Mary Tyler Moore Toss

Here it is blocking over a 10″ plate to achieve the tam shape:

Last but not least, Happy Hanukkah!

I am clearly ready for this weekend’s craft fair at my kids’ school.  And with the current, unseasonable cold snap we’re having, I am hoping that knit hats will be a hot item!

Here’s a question for you:  can you recommend price points?  See the captions below for my preliminary ideas.

Infant/Toddler Hats: $10? $12? More?

Child-Sized Hats: $15? $16? More?

Adult Hats: $18? $20? More?

Looking back, I wish I’d made more boy and men hats.  But overall I am pleased — this was a great use of leftover and scrap yarns.


Among several other things that I continue to be too lazy to document, I finished this Crackerjack Cowl, a conceptual knitting project that chronicles the SF Giants’ season. I did it because I loved KnittyBarb (of the 2 Knit Lit Chicks)’s version and I thought it might make me more interested in baseball. (As my husband said recently, “It’s October — time to follow baseball!” Given the Giants’ history in even years, that wasn’t a bad strategy to employ but no such luck this particular even year…) Anyway, this project didn’t really fulfill its purpose because instead of getting me more excited about baseball, it got me aggravated that I had a project lying around that was not going to get finished for 6+ months. Overall, it’s cute, but the kitchener stitch join looks TERRIBLE partly due to user error (uh, having the wrong side facing forward – duh) and partly because I ran out of the necessary color one row before finishing. So the join MUST stay behind my neck. Another thing that annoys me is that I misestimated length — it ended up being is too short to wrap around my next twice yet it looks too long wrapped around only once.Sigh. (For the record, here are my pattern details: I used Blue Sky Sport Weight; I cast on 68 stitches and knit two rounds for every game. Home win = orange; home loss = off white; road win = grey; road loss = black.) But don’t let my lackluster experience dissuade you from knitting this clever pattern. Everyone I know is rooting for the Cubs now so…Go Cubs, I guess! Here’s the flip side of the Crackerjack Cowl:


Meanwhile, I continue to knit preemie hats and hats for the upcoming craft fair.