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I finished the flannel quilt I’ve been working on.


As usual, it’s still pretty funky since I’m a self-taught quilter. But it’s definitely one of my better ones and it’s sooooooo warm and cozy. And last weekend I sold knit hats at my kids’ school craft fair — my 10th and final year.


Unlike other years, the hats didn’t sell well. I’m not sure why. But that means I’ve got lots of inventory on Etsy!






First off, I finished my quilt. I’m dubbing this my first non-hideous quilt. I love the colors and although it’s far from perfect, there are only a few truly egregious errors.

Image 2



I also finished a yarmulke for a very special boy whose bar mitzvah is just around the corner.

Image 1


Meanwhile, I also started the 365 Project. Just like the Giants have won the World Series in the last three even-numbered years, I tend to do this project in the odd-numbered years. I started in 2011 on Flicker and did it again in 2013 on Instagram (#gordon365, a hashtag I share with my sister). I’m back at it in 2015. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, I’m always interested in who other people like to follow on that platform. If you follow someone great, let me know! Happy new year!

While far (very far!) from perfect, this is definitely the best quilt I’ve made.

Image 1 Image 4 Image 6

These pictures don’t show the puckers on the back or the wonky binding.  But it’ll serve its purpose and I’ll keep at it to improve my skills.  Speaking of quilts, I love this one from the very talented Erin at House on Hill Road.

So as seen in the photos in my Stitches post, I finished the Rayures cowl from the kit I got at Nine Rubies.  People, at the risk of sounding like Rosanne Rosanna Danna, I thought I was gonna die.  It’s just simple stockinette but that’s the problem — it’s endless stockinette.  On teeny tiny needs.  (I bumped up to a size four from my original size two but still…)  The end result is pretty — very pretty, as evidenced by many compliments I received at Stitches — but what a PITA.  Like the Cedar scarf, it almost wasn’t worth it.  What a slog.  It didn’t help that I chose to make it longer than the pattern called for because I wanted to end up with as few leftovers as possible.  The good news is I followed up that project with a quick, clever, beautiful little project from Botanical Knits, the Oak Trail hat:


I used Madeline Tosh Vintage in the Thyme color way and size 5 & 6 needles.  In contrast to the cowl, I enjoyed this knit a lot.  I’ll be gifting this to my son’s advisor at the end of the year.  It’ll look super cute on her.

Meanwhile, I finished the charm square quilt I made for my son.  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.  I am still a totally sucky quilter, but I am improving.  In this quilt, I used a fusible batting for the first time.  (I think I bought it by accident but I figured it was worth a try.)  I have fewer wrinkles and puckers but that may just be because I’m getting better so the jury is still out on that method.



I also tried invisible thread (my world almost came to a standstill when I learned there was such a thing!) for machine-knitting the binding to the back side.  OMG — it looks so totally terrible.


Even in that blurry photo, you can clearly see what I mean.  UGH!  I may still use invisible thread for bindings in the future but I think I have to stick with hand-sewing the back side.  My hand-sewing is bad but not as bad as that hot mess.  I’ve already started a second charm square quilt  — this one, for my daughter.  We’ll see if it turns out any better.

As for Stitches, my purchases were minimal but I love what I got: a pair of square needles to try, some skin stuff from the Barmaids (which I’ve long heard advertised on the Knitmore Girls podcast — the stuff is awesome!), some buttons for the Entangled Vines cardigan from Botanical Knits (next in my queue) and, finally, an awesome pattern: the Grown-Up Hoodie.  I would never have looked twice at the pattern online but I tried on a sample of the actual cardigan at Stitches and it is SO CUTE. I can’t wait to knit it.  With those cool pockets, it reminds me of the Farmer’s Market Cardigan, which I have long coveted, but far easier to knit.

I finally (!) finished the doll quilt that’s been sitting in my dining room for (gulp) about a year!  Eager to get it done, I really sort of half-assed it at the end — not measuring or pinning.  If you look at it from far away, it doesn’t look half bad:


I kinda love the pieced back:



Some parts of the hand-sewn binding look darn good:


I even stitched in the ditch decently in some places:


But don’t look toooooo close or you might spot this:


Or this:


I really, really, REALLY love quilts and I want to be better at making them.  I got some charm packs cheap at Connecting Threads and I’m going to try my hand at another quilt or two…

I finished that doll quilt

As you can see, it has pride of place among the dolls in our house.  Hopefully the dolls won’t notice the flaws — the mis-matched corners, the wonky dimensions, the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants machine quilting (see below), the binding that looks remarkably better on the final edge than on the first edge.

I’ve already got some fabric picked out for the next doll quilt.  I am loving the fabric hand-me-downs — it makes me feel very free to practice and to screw up.  Meanwhile, I picked up this great reference book:

Every once in awhile, I get a hankering for some colorwork and this book is going to be a great inspiration.  Before the book arrived, I winged it on this new sweater for my new dog:

And, finally, I am continuing to love my new Audible subscription.  I’ve listened to Little Women (heavenly!) and Bossypants, read by Tina Fey herself.  (My girl crush on her is now firmly cemented.)  I’m now onto The Great Gatsby.  Loving every minute of these books.


Remember I told you about my friend who gave me leftover fabric AND inspired me to practice quilting on doll quilts?  Well, here’s my first doll quilt top I made with some of her hand-me-downs:

As usual, it’s not great.  I accidentally put two green squares together and you can see my squares don’t always line up.

But because it’s a doll quilt and because it’s fabric I didn’t pay for, I don’t mind so much.  I’m getting good practice.  (I also learned that two-inch squares get REALLY tiny when you have a 1/4″ seam allowance on all sides.  Doh!)  I’ll soon be quilting it (probably by machine, but am also hoping my friend will at some point teach me hand-quilting, which she swears by) and then sewing the binding.  I still have TONS of her leftovers so I can continue to practice and experiment.  I may even make another small scrappy one for our new little dog.  Meanwhile, I found some super cheap charm packs on clearance at Connecting Threads (Knit Picks’s quilting site):

When I’m feeling more confident about my skills, I’ll use these to make a larger quilt.  I’ll be interested to see whether these pre-cut squares make a difference in the overall product.  I can never quite tell what makes my quilts so wonky — bad cutting, bad pressing, bad sewing or a combo of all three!

My 3″ blocks are now in 13 rows of 11 squares.

Next step is to press the row seams in opposite directions and sew the rows together.

So far, I have made good on my resolution to do more sewing.  Here’s a quilt in progress:

So far, I’m pretty happy with it.  (We’ll see if my square corners line up when I sew rows together!)  It’s a simple quilt comprised of 3″ squares.  It’ll be a scrappy-looking design with a simple border.  My only regret is that I should have bought one more fabric — a darker blue.  But I still think it’ll still look fine with what I’ve got.  My sewing is not great but 3″ squares are just perfect for practice.

In knitting news, I’ve completed both fronts and am half-way up the back on my copycat sweater.  Also, remember I mentioned placing a Cyber Monday order with  Well, I believe something has gone wrong with that shop.  The order status has read, “Will ship in 2-3 weeks” since November 29.  My multiple attempts to reach the shop have been met with bounced-back e-mails, a disabled “contact us” function on the website and two unreturned voicemail messages.  (Strangely, though, the site’s “place order” function worked great and Cyber Monday sale e-mails had been successfully delivered…)  Fortunately, I had not yet been charged for the order.  But my advice?  Do not buy anything from that site.  It’s too bad because I had happily bought sock yarn from that shop several times before.

I haven’t been sewing.  After making a bunch of doll clothes, PJs, quilts and bags, I took a break — a loooonnng break.  Many, many months ago, I had purchased fabric for PJs for my husband and even though I was sick of making PJs, I felt I could not pick up another new sewing project until those darn PJs were done.  That fabric was just staring me in the face even as the sewing machine had taken up residence under the dining room table. 
But I want to resume quilting.  I love watching the quilting shows like Fons & Porter (which for some reason my sister and I call Fons & Prawns) and Eleanor Burns (whose show Quilt in a Day strongly resembles a Saturday Night Live skit but is actually quite informative if you can get past that).  I think I am drawn to quilting because it’s more straight-line sewing than garment sewing and it is a great excuse to purchase bits of cute fabrics. 

PJ Clutter Gone, Quilting Stuff Takes Pride of Place on Dining Room Table

I enlisted my sister to help me get past the PJs hump and we *finally* made those darn PJs a few days ago.  Then I packaged up old scraps and other supplies that were getting on my nerves and preventing me from resuming quilting.


That’ll all be donated to my kids’ school.  The rest — very little — remains here:

Here's what's left of my "stash."

Ahhh, much better.  This week I hope to take a trip to Joann’s to use some gift certificates I got during the holidays.  I’d like to make a simple quilt for our family room.