I finished the flannel quilt I’ve been working on.


As usual, it’s still pretty funky since I’m a self-taught quilter. But it’s definitely one of my better ones and it’s sooooooo warm and cozy. And last weekend I sold knit hats at my kids’ school craft fair — my 10th and final year.


Unlike other years, the hats didn’t sell well. I’m not sure why. But that means I’ve got lots of inventory on Etsy!



Among several other things that I continue to be too lazy to document, I finished this Crackerjack Cowl, a conceptual knitting project that chronicles the SF Giants’ season. I did it because I loved KnittyBarb (of the 2 Knit Lit Chicks)’s version and I thought it might make me more interested in baseball. (As my husband said recently, “It’s October — time to follow baseball!” Given the Giants’ history in even years, that wasn’t a bad strategy to employ but no such luck this particular even year…) Anyway, this project didn’t really fulfill its purpose because instead of getting me more excited about baseball, it got me aggravated that I had a project lying around that was not going to get finished for 6+ months. Overall, it’s cute, but the kitchener stitch join looks TERRIBLE partly due to user error (uh, having the wrong side facing forward – duh) and partly because I ran out of the necessary color one row before finishing. So the join MUST stay behind my neck. Another thing that annoys me is that I misestimated length — it ended up being is too short to wrap around my next twice yet it looks too long wrapped around only once.Sigh. (For the record, here are my pattern details: I used Blue Sky Sport Weight; I cast on 68 stitches and knit two rounds for every game. Home win = orange; home loss = off white; road win = grey; road loss = black.) But don’t let my lackluster experience dissuade you from knitting this clever pattern. Everyone I know is rooting for the Cubs now so…Go Cubs, I guess! Here’s the flip side of the Crackerjack Cowl:


Meanwhile, I continue to knit preemie hats and hats for the upcoming craft fair.

I’ve been working on lots of projects! I’ve knit several hats for the annual craft fair (my 10th and final one!) and two cowls (one for me and one for a gift), all of which I’ve been too lazy to photograph and document. You’ll have to take my word for it. I’ve also been working on several charity projects, including these little preemie hats, which I donated to SF General Hospital’s NICU.


And I started a new quilt. It’s my first time working with flannel. Hopefully I’ll finish it before winter is over!



I’m at the age where my friends are no longer having babies but every once in awhile, I still get to knit a baby item. This is a sweater for my Spanish teacher, who is expecting her first baby, a girl, in October.


It’s back-to-school time! If you’d like to make a special back-to-school hat for your favorite student, check out my Elementary Hats collection!


This yarn went through a couple of iterations before becoming this particular sweater. My daughter thinks the fabric looks “like a couch Grandma would have” and she’s kind of right. But it’s just a throw-on-with-jeans kind of sweater and I’m REALLY glad to have this done. All extra yarn is going to Goodwill — I’m sick of it. Onto bigger, better — and quicker! — things!

I made this bulky scarf after seeing something like it on an episode of Knitting Daily TV. You crochet the scarf and then just weave the contrasting color through the holes.


I’ve also been making a lot of hats and working on the Crackerjack Cowl. (Go Giants!)