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This yarn went through a couple of iterations before becoming this particular sweater. My daughter thinks the fabric looks “like a couch Grandma would have” and she’s kind of right. But it’s just a throw-on-with-jeans kind of sweater and I’m REALLY glad to have this done. All extra yarn is going to Goodwill — I’m sick of it. Onto bigger, better — and quicker! — things!

I made this bulky scarf after seeing something like it on an episode of Knitting Daily TV. You crochet the scarf and then just weave the contrasting color through the holes.


I’ve also been making a lot of hats and working on the Crackerjack Cowl. (Go Giants!)


So this:


recently became this:

Image 1

It should have happened a long time ago. I was running out of yarn for this sweater, which I was seriously beginning to doubt would look good on me anyway. The K1,P1 pattern on one side of very long rows was driving me insane and the yarn hurt my hands. The project, which I’d been working on for months, really dragged down my whole knitting life. I’m now thinking of using the yarn for this. In other knitting news, I began working on this (Go Giants!) and I finished a Raspberry Beret in memory of Prince:

Image 2


I haven’t posted in awhile but I *have* been knitting. I’ve been working on this seemingly endless sweater:


The rows are long (and getting longer), the wrong side rows are in the dreaded k1, p1, the yarn hurts my hands, I may run out of yarn and I’m not even sure this funky construction is going to produce a flattering sweater. Still, I’m plowing through. I’ve been working on other little projects too — hats and things — but this one has sapped my energy and I haven’t taken photos of any of those other projects. But…onward!

So I finally finished that throw:


I’m really happy with it — it’s just the pop of color our neutral bedroom needed. Then, because I’m avoiding working on this it’s-taking-forever cardigan, I went a little cowl crazy. I crocheted three cowls in quick succession (but only took a photo of one), including one with that leftover blanket yarn:

Image 1

And then I knit this one up in about two nights:


In addition to continuing to slog through that cardigan, I’m going to start some Knitted Knockers and a baseball-related (wait for it) cowl.

I’ve been knitting a ton, especially on this and this, but I don’t have much to show for it. I did finish two objects: a scarf for a very special person at my kids’ school and a little surprise to pack in my daughter’s suitcase when she goes on a school trip — very far away. (Luckily, she doesn’t read this blog so this won’t spoil the surprise!) I’m hoping to finish up that throw and that sweater before tooooooo long.

Image 1Image