I can’t believe I’m going to share such an unflattering picture but I had too much fun not to.  The other day — after some last-minute planning via Twitter — I met a fellow blogger whom I’ve admired for years:  Leslie of A Friend to Knit With.

Image 1

Yes, I know you’re jealous — and you should be.  If you can believe it, she’s even nicer and more stylish, beautiful and down-to-earth in person!   We met at Imagiknit, where we gabbed as long as we could before I had to pick up my kids from day camp. Longtime readers will remember that I have copied several of her projects, including this and this  (though my version of this last one is nicknamed “the wretched cardigan” because it was so unflattering on me). And I really want to copy this too.  She had her camera with her, the one she uses to take these amazing photos.  We had so much in common — more than just our name and knitting – that we vowed to enjoy a longer visit the next time she’s in San Francisco.  I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I continue to work away on my design collection, my hoodie and even my daughter’s quilt.  (And since that horrible picture was taken, I got a much-needed haircut!)  🙂